The winner of "Arizona Spring" fund raising quilt was Betty Ek of Wickenburg.  Betty is a long time member of the Vulture Peak Patchers Quilt Guild in Wickenburg and was present for the drawing.  When her name was drawn, she was standing just a few feet from the quilt and for a time appeared to stop breathing as she repeated, "Oh, my--oh, my--" until someone said, "Breathe, Betty!"  Needless to say, the quilt will be valued and best of all will remain here in Wickenburg where it was 'born.'
    The two day quilt show was a huge success and raised over $6,000 for the Congress Senior Center.  Ticket sales for the quilt brought in over $3,000 of that total and we thank all of you who participated in the ticket sales and attending the annual Quilt Show.  The Vulture Peak Patchers meet the first and third Thursday of the month at St Albans Church in Wickenburg and  during the summer months (June to September) we meet at North Ranch .  Meeting times are usually 10 am to noon except when we have a 'traveling teacher' or a special program and then we meet at 9 am.  We welcome all quilters in the area and currently have a membership of over 60 friendly quilters. Please join us.