On Friday, February 17th, the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation held a luncheon and presentation at the Los Caballeros Golf Club.

The Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, incorporated in 1999, is a group of concerned citizens monitoring the rapid grow in the Wickenburg area and working to preserve open space, to save important landmarks such as Vulture Peak, and to preserve access to historic riding and hiking trails.

Many are concerned about the dramatic growth the Wickenburg area has experienced recently.

This group of concerned citizens are worried about how this increase will be managed while maintaining our community values, which offer a unique blend of open space, an active western lifestyle, and the arts.

At the luncheon, Ms. Bambi Muller of the Planning and Development of the Cave Creek Trail System discussed what Cave Creek has done over the past decade in the creation, preservation, and protection of the Cave Creek Trail System. A lot of what Cave Creek has done is what Wickenburg needs to do to protect the hiking and riding trails and the open spaces around the Wickenburg community. Mr. John Amory talked of the reasons that he moved out to Wickenburg from the Paradise Valley area. Many of these reasons are the same that we all share in why we came to Wickenburg. By examining the strategies to manage growth that neighboring communities have taken, the Conservation Foundation hopes to gain insight as to how concerned Citizens in the Wickenburg area can work together to preserve our quality of life.

If you value the rural lifestyle, the open space, and access to trails, you should consider becoming involved in this organization. Their goal is to inform and to unite interested parties and create a community voice to bring these concerns about the future of the area to the attention of public officials and decision makers.

For more information about the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, call Penny Pietre at 928-684-7473

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