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From: R. Hipman
Date: 25 Feb 2007
Time: 12:15:29 -0700
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First off I am Pro-Business. Government handouts should not be to private business. Follow special interests and there is where the handouts are ! Thats wrong !

If a road way is 55 miles per hour and a developer wants a new intersection and he causes a change in the traffic migration (ADOT'S Lingo). "The developer has to put in an intersection that keeps traffic moving as it was." ADOT. Just like the intersection where highway 93 and 71 meets. Highway 93 is elevated and you do not slow down for highway 71. This type of intersection costs more than a roundabout, yet there is no change in traffic migration. People are not forced to slow down. However the developer wants to spend the minimum amount of money. The governments job is to enforce the rules on traffic mitigation.

If that additional expense is the necessary cost of building the right non-mitigating intersection the additional costs should be added to each unit built by the developer.

If a highway goes through more than one state it is an interstate (versus intrastate). You must not have to drive where the seven roundabouts would be, using more fuel and more time. Also don't find it amazing that the ultimate bypass is still twenty years out, when ten years ago it was twenty years out.

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