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Moreton Airpark

From: Roger Collinson
Date: 28 Apr 2007
Time: 17:25:07 -0700
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Catch a Flight Closer to Home?

Well, it may be possible. Maybe youíd like to hop a flight to places like Mexico, California, Colorado, or any other destination. It may be easier than you think. You might be able to do so by simply driving less than two miles to Moreton Airpark, get out of your vehicle, check yourself in, and take off. From your seat, youíll be able to view a vast panorama of houses, maybe even your own home. As an added bonus, include all the homes in Vista Royale, Nine Irons, Congress, Yarnell, Moon Light Mesa, and when Wickenburg Ranch Estates is completed, the homes of several thousand residents. Yes, it is quite possible. You see, Moreton Airpark is promoted as a fly in community, related web sites seem to indicate that a functional and comprehensive airport is in the making.

The purchasers of lots in Moreton Airpark will be able to fly right over the above mentioned communities, and taxi to their lots. However, due to the fact that the main runway is positioned, roughly, at about northwest by southeast, the residents of Vista Royale have the added advantage of viewing, close up and personal, the landings and take offs of aircraft using the airfield in the airpark. Additionally, improvements to runways may be anticipated. Is this to accommodate larger aircraft; those larger than the flying boxcar currently at the facility? Iím referring to the large aircraft which was flying quite low over Vista Royale back on March 17th. Naturally, prospects of a large airport, with international flights, seem out of place or far fetched, but take a few minutes and visit the Moreton Airpark web site. Read the CC&R's and learn about fuel storage. Iím not calling for the cessation of development at Moreton Airpark, but rather I am simply concerned that air traffic will increase, and thereby further erode the tranquil setting we all experience in this part of Yavapai County. There is also the safety factor to consider. Some may have the opinion that development of the park will increase the value of our properties. However, I ask, at what cost? Personally, Iím not willing to give up what we have here. To me, the clean air and beautiful vistas are far too valuable to be squandered.

Roger Collinson

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