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possible discrimination by the safety and zoning dept.

Date: 26 Apr 2008
Time: 15:50:30 -0700
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Ours is a new business we opened the day after Thanksgiving. We have spent a considerable amount in advertising to let the residents know about our small but unique gift shop. We also had put out a small open sign mounted on a childs colorful sawhorse.On april 16th Rick DeStefano from the building safety/zoning enforcement dept. came in our shop and informed us that our little sign was in violation of city ordinances. I asked if there were any areas in front of our store we could put it and he said nowhere. I immediately brought it in. Later that evening, driving through town I saw that several other sandwich signs were still up. We requested a copy of the town ordinances and regulations pertaining to signage, from Steve Boyle and he promptly e-mailed it back to us, and had said there was to be a meeting at town hall regarding this issue on 4/24/08 to discuss changing the sign ordinances. I Requested by e-mail twice an explanation why others were allowed to have their signs out and we were singled out about ours. To date we haven't recieved an answer. We went to the town hall meeting and found that this issue wasn't even on the agenda. At the beginning of the meeting when other subjects other than what was scheduled could be addressed, Pat VanPelt and I took turns at the podium and asked for an explanation. Bill Cowel who chaired the meeting not only didn't offer any explanation but sumarally dismissed us with "we will look into it". When asked if we could put our sign back out as long as everyone else was allowed to, we were told "no" again without explanation to the obviously glaring bias against us. We have not checked to see if signs were still out since the meeting, but this has gone beyond the issue of the signs, and we will find out what action to take until we get an acceptable explanation and who initiated this against us. Pat VanPelt, and Jacqueline Parent, Owners of Trail West Merchants.

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