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From: Daryl Drake
Date: 30 Aug 2008
Time: 11:19:28 -0700
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This is from a dialog begun on Maria Langer posted the quotatations below on there, I'm asking questions re: Maria's positions. Thanks! "The mayor, chamber, and council have put all their eggs in the housing boom/annexation basket. Build more houses so the towns biggest industry real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, and title companies can keep raking in the cash." Please provide the facts that cause you to reach this conclusion. At the forum, Mr.s Badowski and Cook spoke of a plan to bring in a lot of new jobs at a solar manufacturing facility. The challengers offered nothing. "They are contributors to the burst housing bubble that has brought down the values of our homes. They have done nothing to get new businesses and new employers in this town in fact, more than a few employers have bailed out or are winding down activities here." Please see above. "When local busineses fail at the rate of more than 50% in their first year in this town! where do the year-round folks get their products and services?" Just what is the national average of start-ups that go belly up? Is Wickenburg way outside of that average? Don't people from small towns everywhere have to go to larger cities for specialized needs and wants? "I took my helicopter charter business to Washington State and am now in Page, AZ. Ive earned more in the past three months than I have in five years working out of Wickenburg.For the past five years, even though Ive been based in Wickenburg, more than 60% of my revenue has come from out-of-town customers. I fly more charters to the Grand Canyon out of Scottsdale in one month than I do out of Wickenburg for an entire year." And doesn't Scottsdale have more than twelve times the population and ten times the number of high-end resorts compared to Wickenburg? Scottsdale and Page have international reputations as resort destinations. Lots of folks from Surprise on, don't know where Wickenburg is, that is if they've even heard of it. What percentage of revenue does Los Cab derive locally? "All of my friends that are in my age group (younger than retired) have moved out of town. They simply could not make a living here." This is a demographic change that has been sweeping the globe for centuries. People continue to migrate, mostly to bigger cities, in search of more income and a better life. How would the Wickenburg city government adequately address this issue? Like most small towns in this hemisphere today, Wickenburg doesn't offer a lot to the 20-50 crowd. "And what of the town itself? When I came to Wickenburg 11 years ago, I came here for its small-town, Western atmosphere. Downtown retail shops and businesses businesses have been replaced with Not-For-Retail offices that discourage visitor browsing and make it difficult for the remaining storefronts to survive. High rents make it difficult, if not impossible, for new businesses to start up in nearby spaces." Would you suggest the city subsidize landlords, or limit who they may rent to? This seems to be a matter of supply vs. demand. Yarnell has lots of cheap retail and office space. Wickenburg and Manhattan do not. How should local government effectively deal with that? "If anyone else out there feels as I do, vote the bums out. Almost any independent fresh blood has to be better than what weve got." Didn't the Russian peasantry feel similar, then end up with "Papa Joe" Stalin? Didn't the people of Arizona feel similar, and elect Evan Mecham? What new ideas have the challengers provide to you? I heard little at the forum and have seen nothing in the campaign literature beyond Ms. Hartwell's unrealistic promises. As always, looking forward to your reply, here or on

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