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The Gift of Time and Togetherness – A Planned Children’s Holiday Craft Party

    Wickenburg, Arizona- During the holiday season, our little family tries to balance the hustle and bustle with some focused time.  We have found that one way to do this is to do simple crafts and then use these crafts as gifts or accents on gifts.  This ritual began several years ago, and has now become an annual “Christmas Craft Party” on a designated December Saturday morning.

     The Christmas Craft party itself began to be a gift to friends who are also mothers.  As a working mother myself, I so appreciate my friends who help me out with “pick ups’, “drop offs”, etc throughout the year.  We began to invite the kids of these mothers to the Saturday Craft Extravaganza, letting them know they had a “free morning” in December to run errands as their children were being kept busy and productive.  More than once, a friend has said that it was a “great gift of time” during this very busy season! The party does not have a ton of decorations or fancy serving notions.  Pizzas are ordered and the time leading up to lunch is devoted to craft completion. 

     Now, for the craft party. As a rule, the materials are to be cheap, the time to complete the craft minimal, and the outcome to be shared.  Not only does it give us time to focus but helps to teach altruism by providing an opportunity to give to others something we devoted time and energy into creating.  Each child makes two of each craft item.  One is for them to share with their family and the other is brought to a local nursing home to cheer selected residents.  The craft items are often designed from  recycled materials.  Examples include  toilet paper rolls (cut in half and decorated to make little drums), egg cartons cut apart and covered with sequins to make ornaments), CDs (make beautiful ornaments), light bulbs (makes a cute reindeer), old socks (reindeer, snowmen) ,  brown bags (cut into the shape of a sock and punch holes for yarn sewing), cards from the previous year (pictures attached to an origami cube and suspended with a string).  One can find many ideas on the web doing a search such as  “Simple Children’s Holiday Crafts”.  The children enjoy the party and end the morning with a pretend snowball fight – making “snowballs” with white Kleenex and bombarding each other. ( This too has also become a traditional ending to the craft party!).  Cleaning up the snowballs always turns out to be an adventure! 

     The holiday craft party is a time to share with friends – the children love to be together with common goals and the parents enjoy their gift of time to get things done.  It is a simple, inexpensive way to share the holiday spirit giving…time and togetherness!


 Article by Family Reporter: Kathryn Makeever

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