“Baseline Killer”

 Goudeau Charged with 74 Felony Counts

Phoenix, AZ : County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced that the Maricopa County grand jury has indicted Mark Goudeau (DOB 9-06-64) on 74 felony counts, alleging that he is responsible for the crimes associated with the so-called Baseline Killer.

Goudeau is charged with 9 counts of first-degree murder, 15 counts of sexual assault, 12 counts of armed robbery, 11 counts of kidnapping, 9 counts of aggravated assault, 6 counts of attempted sexual assault, 4 counts of sexual abuse, 4 counts of attempted armed robbery and 1 count each of attempted first-degree murder, molestation of a child, attempted kidnapping and burglary.

The indictment returned today alleges that between August, 2005 and June, 2006, Goudeau carried out a series of crimes that victimized 30 individuals, claimed 9 lives, and spread terror throughout the community.  Among the victims were 4 children.  All 74 of the charged crimes are dangerous felonies. Sixteen of the charges are classified as dangerous crimes against children.

Thomas stated:  “Last month, the Phoenix Police Department referred to this office evidence indicating that Mark Goudeau was associated with a large number of violent crimes.  At that time I felt I could not state whether I believed Mark Goudeau was the so-called Baseline Killer.  Today, I can allege confidently that he is.”

“These charges allege that Mark Goudeau brutally assaulted men, women and children throughout the Valley in a spree of random violence,” Thomas said.  “The reign of terror has ended.  The quest for justice has just begun.”

“Making an arrest is an important step, but the goal is always to wage a successful prosecution”, said Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon.  “Our police department does an outstanding job of working with the prosecutors every step of the way to make certain they have the evidence they need to ensure success throughout the process.  Today’s indictments are a direct result of the tremendous partnership between Phoenix Police and the County Attorney’s office.”

Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris stated, ““I am pleased that the County Attorney’s Office is moving ahead with the prosecution of Mark Goudeau.  Phoenix Police Department investigators will continue to work with the County Attorney as this case progresses.”

In 2004, after serving 13 years of a 21-year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping, Goudeau requested a parole hearing before the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency. The County Attorney’s Office informed the board of its opposition to Goudeau’s early release, specifically citing that he had “demonstrated through his violent actions that he poses a significant threat to public safety. His early release is not in the best interest of the citizens of this state.”  Nevertheless, he was released.

On March 8, 2004, Mark Goudeau was granted parole. A little over a year later, Goudeau allegedly began the crime spree that is associated with the “Baseline Killer.”

 Daily we are bombarded with news of murders in our society. Much like the sports scores we listen to the facts of these murders and go on. You may remember if the Phoenix Sun's won last night, but did the news of the violence stay in your memory ?  Do we  really hear and realize what impact these violent events have. I think the media has classified these events a number and that is what we hear.

On the night of March 14, 2006, our friends, Chao Chih "George" Chou and Liliana Sanchez-Cabrera, were brutally murdered .They were last seen just after 9:00 p.m. as they were leaving their jobs at Yoshi's Restaurant at 24th St. and Indian School Road, Phoenix, Arizona. George was found in an alley near 33rd Street and Indian School, shot to death. Liliana was found in George's car in the parking lot of the Burger King Restaurant at 23rd Street and Indian School Road, shot to death. George was from Taiwan and had been an outstanding employee of Yoshi's for many years; he was 23. Liliana had just started working at Yoshi's that night; she was 20. Both were beautiful, caring people whose lives were taken away by a senseless act of violence.


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