The beginning of last night’s Common Council meeting was not as rambunctious as one might have anticipated. Mayor Ron Badowski saw to that. He made an announcement at the beginning of the “Call to the Public” which comes near the beginning of the meeting. The “Call to the Public” is a period set aside during which members can address the Council. The Council has put the two limitations on comments made during this period:
  1. The speaker cannot speak about any item on the agenda.
  2. A fairly new rule allows each citizen speaker only three minutes to make his or her point. The town does provide a clock to keep time for the speaker and the Council.

Badowski added what is probably a temporary new rule last night. That announcement was that he would not allow any political speeches during the “Call to the Public.” Only one person tried to speak — and he was immediately shut down by the Mayor. Ray Johns wanted to speak about his continuing legal struggle with the town over his proposed referendum. Johns’ concern was probably not what the Mayor was trying to prevent. He was shut down anyway.